Colombia and cycling, an unfading relationship.

Colombia and cycling, an unfading relationship.


Once again, Colombia and cycling show that their unfading relationship reflects the perseverance, passion, revolution and rudeness of a people that has fought battles and achieved victories celebrated with immortal joy; a jubilation inspired by the remote battles of liberation and that today, thanks to cycling, continues to flow from the hearts of Colombians as they see that our pedal warriors make the tricolor ( flag ) rise, that the notes of our anthem sound around the world and let their exploits resonate in different languages.

This relationship is currently led to designs printed on garments for cyclists such as Bib Shorts and Jersey, thanks to the fact that Juan Alejandro, a fellow countryman surrounded by the culture of cycling and in love with the cultural and natural diversity of our country, merged his two passions in what we know today Be Right Back Cycling, this new brand that comes to our Bella in Sella store and that has impregnated us with the multiformity of this paradise called Colombia.

Be Right Back Cycling knows that this country, which for decades has been the cradle of great cyclists, is recognized for the countless successes in this sport, for this reason it has wanted cycling lovers, amateurs or pro, to wear it the species and landscapes that accompany and adorn the roads and paths where our cycling warriors have been trained and trained.

In addition, the commitment of Be Right Back Cycling with the conservation and care of each meter of the tropical humid forest of Colombia and natural reserves, is another of the characteristics of its garments, since the purchase of each product of this brand, it is contributing to this beautiful cause known as "One meter matters" by O2 RESERVE
Let's get to know the essence of some of their products:
SANCTUARY JERSEY: inspired by the 3,300 species of butterflies that Colombia has. This garment is focused on that customer who wants to look good and comfortable wearing his country on his skin.

JERSEY CONDOR: Inspired by the greatest record of birds in the world, where Colombia is the protagonist. The Condor of the Andes that lives in its mountains. It is the largest non-sea bird in the world.

JERSEY ETNIA: Highlights the diversity of our country, the multiethnic and multicultural.

JERSEY OCEÁNICO: Designed to show the 2 seas, 300 beaches and all the charm of 2900 kilometers of coastline.

JERSEY TIERRA: A sample life of the mountains, valleys and plains that dominate the geography of Colombia, where many cycling lovers ride with all passion.

JEREY DARDO: Inspired by the golden dart frog. The most poisonous amphibian in the world. Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world.