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Brompton's purpose is to create urban freedom for happier lives

It was our founder's forward thinking nearly 50 years ago that got us here. He believed there had to be a better way to move around the city. And today, over a million Brompton owners agree. Riding a Brompton is good for you and the planet. But it's only part of the equation.

A good company is more than the product it sells - the culture, the sustainability policies, and who you do business with are equally important. At Brompton, we challenge ourselves with difficult questions. How do you make a paint plant with zero water waste? Does the company that makes our tires pay workers fairly? What does a city that puts people before cars look like?

There is no direct route to answering these questions. It's a process of discovery and exploration. One question often spurs a hundred more. What we know today is the start of something better tomorrow.


What we're doing to make sure everyone, everywhere works under safe, humane and fair conditions.
Two factory workers smiling in the Brompton factory


We believe in making products that give more to the planet than they take away. It's in our DNA.
A woman holding a folded C Line Matcha Green on a boat on a blue sea


Happier, healthier cities for all. We use our voice to challenge what is and imagine what can be.
Brompton owners and activists at an event in London Bridge

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